Popular Literature

Percy Jackson

and the ligthning thief

by Rick Riordan

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  1. OK Olivia- what are you reading for your popular book. Don’t forget to download a picture etc

  2. chapter 1
    percy Jackson a boy in the 6th grade and 12 years old, he goes to a boarding school for troubled kids in up state New York called Yancy. He has been expled from 5 schools in 5 years and he is hoping that this school will last longer.This is what happened in chapter 1…
    Percy, Grover ( his best friend) and there class take a flied trip to a museum for acient Greek and Roman times.He userly has bad luck on trips so he was hoping that this one would be a good ecause he had his favourite teacher with him Mr. Brunner but he was wrong.
    You see when he and his best frind Grover minding their own business eating lunch when a girl came up to them and spilt her lunch on grover. This girls name is Nancy Bobofit she’s a bully:( . So Percy trying to protect grover stood up for him. Something happened that percy could not remember doing but she ended up in the fountain next to them. And of course their maths teacher saw everything and took percy away from the other kids.
    Then something unexpected happened she turned into some sort of creature with wings.
    Then came Mr. Brunner in his wheel chair who through him a pen which turned into a sword when he got it. In the end he killed his maths teacher who ended up turning to sand.
    But the funny thing was no one had herd of that maths teacher before.
    Thanks for reading
    Olivia 🙂

  3. chapter 2
    This is what happened in chapter 2
    Percy thought that the whole schoole was playing a trick on him, because of no one would remember the maths teacher.
    The year was coming to an end when percy went to see Mr. Brunner about his end of year test. But when it came when percy was near the door he herdd the voices of grover talking about him.
    They talked about how he would be alone for the summer, that he needed to mature more and that they couldn’t rush him,They also talked about how he saw the maths teacher in her other form. Finally they said that they had to keep him alive till next autumn.
    Hearing to much he ran back to his dorm confused about what they had said.
    The last week of school every one was talking about the holidays and how they were going to go away with their rich families.
    This didnt make Percy feel the best.
    When it came time for him to leave yancy grover oferd to come with him on the bus. So they both set of on there way to percy’s mums house.
    They had to stop along the way because the bus broke down, So percy looked around he saw 3 old ladies sitting on a bench knitting. Grover saw them too, his face went pail and percy knew it couldn’t be could. The the lady in the middle cut the wool which made grover go into a uncofortable look, but to percy it didn’t mean a thing.
    The bus was fixed and they were on there way again.
    grover didn’t look any better when they were on the bus.
    He asked percy what he saw with the old laddies and percy answerd back, the asnwer didn;t make him look any better.
    Then they made a promise for grover to walk percy home from the bus stop.
    Thanks for reading
    Olivia :):):)

    The type of language :
    In this book they use alot of greek words and names 🙂

  4. Chapter 3 
    This is what happened in chapter 3…..
    Percy gives Grover a slip while there at the bus stop and goes home to see his mum and stepdad Gabe (nickname smelly Gabe because he smells a lot). He got home to find Gabe playing games as normal with his buddies. Percy soon found out that his mum wasn’t home so he went to his room (which is now Gabe’s study, not that he studies). Percy’s mum came home soon after with a bag of lollies from the candy shop she worked at, She asked the normal how was school, what haven’t you told me in your letters. At that Percy thought about if he should tell her about the thing that happened at the museum or how he ditched Grover at the bus station. He just said it was fine deciding it wouldn’t be best to tell her now. Next she told him that they would be going to their favorite holiday beach house on long island shore. They left an hour later.
    They had to take Gabe’s car which he made perfectly clear to him that if he got a single scratch he would be dead. So they were on the way.
    When they got there they did the clean out like always then went down to the shore to eat some sweets and talk about the un talked like his real father which was a subject most emotional.
    They went to sleep and at the same time came a big storm. Percy didn’t have the best of dreams infact he had a night mare. Which he woke from suddenly and so did his mum at the next clap of thunder saying that there might be a hurricane. Then there was a knock on the door and Grover stumbled in saying searching all night and what were you thinking. Then Percy’s mum said Percy what haven’t you told me. So Percy told her and a face of shock came then she said get in the car now.
    Thanks for reading
    Olivia 

  5. Chapter 4
    This is what happened in chapter 4…..
    They got into the car and started to race along the streets. Percy asked where they were going and she replied that they were going to a camp which his dad wanted him to go to. Then Percy also realized that Grover wasn’t wearing pants and instead there were goat’s legs from the waist down. And of course he asked what he was and Grover replied that he was a satyrs and he also admits there was a Mrs. Dodd’s the math’s teacher he just didn’t tell him because the less he knew the less monsters he would attract.
    His mum hadn’t met Grover until just then but she did know that he was keeping a eye out for him while he was at school. And all this time he thought he was protecting him but instead he was protecting him.
    There was also something chasing them as they sped down each of the streets and this thing was still on their trail. Then all of they skid into a ditch and the car got scratched and stuck. They had been struck by lightning and there was a hole through the roof of the car, they tried to get out through the doors but they couldn’t. At the time Grover was in a still lump in the back set with blood coming out on side of his mouth. Percy shook him even though he was half goat he was still his best friend, then when he thought Grover was gone he mumbled “FOOD” and his hope came up again. As he pushed Grover and him self out from the car through the roof he, his mum told him to run to the top of the hill where the tal pine tree was and there he would see a farm house where he was to run to. But when he began to lift Grover she said it doesn’t want us it only wants you. But Percy wouldn’t hear of it he made her come with him and help him carry Grover to the farm house over the hill. She said she would help him but she couldn’t cross the tree.
    Then what was chasing them finally caught up and began to fight, it went straight for his mum and held her up round her neck. She burst into light and was gone. But Percy didn’t give up he fought the Minotaur. In the end of the chapter he managed to carry Grover down the hill to the farm house and kill the Minotaur.
    Thanks for reading

  6. Chapter 5
    In chapter 5 this is what happens….
    Percy is asleep; he woke up a few times. Once he woke up to a girl spoon feeding him something that tasted like pop-corn. She also kept asking him questions like what was stolen which didn’t make any sense to him. So he just kept passing out .
    When he came round he was sitting on a deck chair which over looked the valley which the farm house was on. Near him was a drink which looked like apple juice. He dropped as soon as he tried to lift it up. Then Grover came to help him. He had also gone back to where the minotaur was killed and got him the horn which he held to tight. He drank the drink which tasted like cookies then Grover showed him to t2 men playing cards. One of them he recognized to be Mr. Brunner the other one he didn’t know but soon found out he was a son a Zeus and they called him Mr. D. He could make and grow thing really fast. Him and Grover joined in the card game while at the same time talked about what the place where they were was, talked about gods, Greek times etc. ( Percy thinks Mr. D is a bit pushy )
    Thanks for reading
    Type of language used:
    As well as using Greek and God names they also used a bit of now talk like “well duh” said Mr. D

  7. Chapter 6
    This is what happens in chapter 6…..
    Chiron (Mr. Brunner) Shows Percy around the campus. They talked about Grover’s goal in life and how he brought Percy to half blood hill. They also talked about the game which is called capture the flag. (A game which is played by its meaning “capture the flag” using weapons as such to win) They found Annabeth who showed him around the cabins which all represents each of the gods expect for Hades.
    Each cabin had girls and boys in it. These children where sorted by their parents say if your dad was Zeus that’s the cabin you would be in. Some of these cabins were empty because they either had no children or like the big 3 (Poseidon, Zeus and Hades promised not to have any more).
    After that Percy gets in a fight with a girl from Ares cabin the god of war and he wins. But to get to winning some strange things happened such as all the toilets exploding hitting everyone with water expect for him.
    He all so went to his cabin which is cabin 11 even though he doesn’t know his father the god of that cabin doesn’t mind who stays.
    Thanks for reading
    How are the charters shaping up:
    The big mean girl by the name of Clarisse- I think she is shaping up to be a bit of a Meany who you don’t want to get on her bad side
    Mr. D- I think he is shaping up to be a bit of a grumpy pants because of his exile from the gods and his powers.
    Percy- I think he is a adventurist guy who doesn’t know what he is capable of.
    Grover- I think he is a guy with a big heart and knows what he wants in life.

  8. Chapter 7
    In chapter 7 these are the things that happen…..
    The thing that happened in the bathroom spread quickly and lots of campers pointed and stared.Next they had dinner. This was a different to normal dinners. First each camper had to take a bit of their dinner and put it in the fire. They did this for the gods. Next he had to say something to his parent. Not knowing he just said “ to whoever you are please tell me”.
    Thanks for reading

  9. Chapter 8
    This is what happened in chapter in chapter 8…
    Percy gets used to camp half-blood routines, he took lessons in Greek for Annabeth in the morning and other lessons from satyrs, nymphs and a centaur. The rest of the time Percy tried different activities out to see what he was good at and maybe relate to his unknown father.
    Then the day came the day of the capture. Everyone was excited and the cabins had made alliance with each other.
    His and Luke’s cabin made alliance with Annabeth and another cabin. They each had a plan. Percy got the place of watching the side of lake which separated their ground with the other teams. He was all alone while everyone else raced off the woods. Then Clarisse came with her buddies from the god of war cabin. Then they had a fight between them. Resulting in Percy winning, along with breaking Clarisse’s sword. This hurt him.
    Then he realized Annabeth was there the whole time watching them fight with her invisible Yankees cap on. They also won the capture the flag.
    Then something really interesting happened which brought the hole camp to watch. That was when he stood in the water his cuts started to heal. Then a trident appeared above his head and it was clear he was the son of the sea god, Poseidon.
    Thanks for reading

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