Homework week 6-

5-  I think the family has left there country because might not have been successful in there country and needed new start somewhere else.I think the risks of moving would be not being successful there and be worse than they were before.

8-  Three other constellations are the 3 sisters,Osiris and Orion,The big dipper

Three sisters- are three stars which are called the three sisters because there all in a row and close together like sisters.

Osirs and Orion- The egyptians saw the constellation of Orion as the god Osiris holding the star Aldebaran.

The big dipper-  The “handle” of the dipper represents the “tail” of the bear on ancient star maps,even  though bears don’t have long tails. A greek story (bear called before Homer) explains that Zeus fell in love with a mortal woman named Callisto. His wife Hera became jealous, and changed Callisto into a large bear. When Zues found out he was not happy. So he changed Hera into a bear too. He tied the tails together and swung them around, then thruw them both into the air.

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