Classic Literature

Treasure Island

by Robert Louis Stevenson

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  1. Chapter 1
    In chapter 1 an unexpected guest shows up with a chest at the inn Jim hawkins father by the name of Billy Bones.
    Billy Bones insists to be called captin and stays far longer than he pays for at the inn.
    No one dares too chase him for money though. But though he is not paying for his stay he pays young Jim to watch out the window for a 1 leged man.
    Jims father thought that the captin would frighten guests away with his looks,clothes and smell.
    but to his and there familys surprise he has welcomed travelers to the inn with his scary sea stories.
    However the captins presence seemed to jim one of the reasons that his father became so ill.
    The reason was he never changed his clothes.In the end of the chapter the alonely person how stode up to the captin was Dr. Livesey who the captin threatened to stab with a nife but it was the dr. who came back wth the threat to hang him that kept him at bay.
    Thanks for reading the first chapter of my book

  2. Chapter 2
    In this chapter Jim’s father has become so ill they think he won’t be able to last to see spring.
    Besides that a 1 leged man has come to the inn the one the captin feared to see.
    The guy gos by the name of the black dog he has lost to fingers and seems to know the captin.
    The captin and the black dog got into a fight and wounded each other badly.
    As the black dog fled the captin had a stroke after seeing it and runing his hands of his eyes.
    Then the doctor cut his vien and he woke up. After that happened in the end of chapter 2 the doctor gave captin a warning if that would happen again he would be done for it.
    thanks for reading Olivia

  3. Chapter 3
    In this chapter the captin tells Jim about a sailor to watch out for, but that is the least of his worries.
    Jim is still up set of his fathers death and how it happened all of a sudden.
    But when Jim starts to think of his father by himself a blind stranger comes up to him and asks where he is.
    Jim answers knowing no harm would come, But instead the man grabed his arm and threatened to break it if he didn’t show him to the captin.
    So then in fright of having a arm broken he showed the man to the captin.
    Then the man asked Jim to hold his left hand out , Jim did as he was told.
    Then the man quickly put something into it and left.
    The captin died very short after, Jim not liking the captin very much even burst into tears
    Thats really what happened in chapter 3
    thanks for reading

  4. Chapter 4
    This is what happened in chapter 4
    Jim told his mother all he knew and they realised that the captins terrible ship mates would be coming for the chest
    and that they wouldn’t get the money the captin owed them.
    They made up there minds to go get help from the nearest town.
    They told the towns people what had happened and mentioned the name captin flint, but they wouldn’t help because they were afraid
    They said they would get the doctors aid but woundn’t help defend there inn.
    They gave them a gun and horses for when they return.
    Jim and his mother went back to the inn, went back to the room where the captin lay dead with his company they looked through the chest
    they had to find the key first which was hanging round the captins neck, they took it and opend the chest
    They found clothes, papers and coins after they too what they needed, Jim looked in the captins palm which had a note which said they had till 10.
    They took the money an ran when his mother herd voices she fainted and leavet jim to pull here under a bridge and listened
    Thats all that happened in chapter 4
    Thanks for reading

  5. Chapter 5
    In this chapter the crew that said they would come at 10 did and broke into the inn looking for the captins chest.
    They found it, but couldn’t find the key to it because Jim had already taken it.
    They also discoverd that the chest had been searched by someone before them ( Jim and his Mother)and had not to there surprise taken all the money.
    While all this was happening Jim watched from under the bridge with his unconshes mother.
    A couple of offices from town showed up while they crew were still there, they realised what had happened and darted away
    After the crew had left with there leader the blind man, Jim and his now conshes mother searched the inn to find it every thing everywhere.
    They wen to dr. Livesy’s house to put away the scroll for safekeepping.
    Thanks for reading

  6. Chapter 6

    This is what happened in chapter six, Jim rode to Dr. Livesey’s with the Head Office Mr Dance leading the way.
    When they got to his house they found that the Doctor was out and went on to find him at dinner with the squirer.
    The squirer was quick to ask what their business was though once Jim could see their interest and desirer to know more.
    They all hundled over the package and tentatively opened the package to discover a book and sealed paper. Dr. Livesey and Jim
    were puzzled by its strange markings and figures in colums but the Squire knew what we held in our hands… It was the
    the ledger of The Black Hearted Flints accounts of stolen fortunes and moneys owning in French Spanish and English
    coins. The sealed paper was a map with notes and directions and just past a hill called the Spyglass they saw a note
    that read “bulk of treasure here”. It was then quickly decided that a great ship be found and a journey commence at
    once. The Squire would be the Admiral, Dr. Livesey will be the ship s doctor and Jim would be the cabin boy. Their
    biggest concern was to keep this expedition quiet so they decided to all stay together until the ship set sail.
    thanks for reading

  7. chapter 7
    This is what happened in chapter 7. It took time for everyone to get ready for the big sail because there were alot of things to do
    Jim spent his time in the hall while all of this was happenin with the watchful eye of the gamekeeper Redruth studying the map.
    But besides studing the map he also imagined what it would be like to go on adventages to find treasure.
    One day a letter came adressing to the Dr. and Jim.Jim opened with the eye of Redruth watching over.
    The letter said that the squire had found a ship ( called the “hispanida”), a cook who was willing to join and find a crew for them ( his name was join silver).
    They next went to Bristol by coach to meet the squire, who told them they were to leave the next day.
    thanks for reading chapter 7

  8. chapter 8
    This is what happened in chapter 8. The squire sent jim after breakfast to go meet john silver.
    Jim made his way to where john silver worked and found a neat tavern full of seafer me who talk loudly and rarely stoped.
    Jim found john silver easly because he had a leg cut off at the hip and carried a crutch but walked at great speed.
    So jim approached him and handed him the squires letter, after looking at it he said to jim s’so your our new cabin boy”
    Then suddenly a man jumped up from the bar and jim soon realised it was the black dog, but John said to Jim that he did’t care who came to eat as long as they payed for it.
    After that John silver grabbed the man who was talking to the black dog and he admitted that the blind beggar had also been in the barand told them that his name was pew.
    John silver seemed very excited about traking done the black dog and he also talked about if he had his other leg that he would .
    As he ranted on John walked up and down with his leg and crutch cursing all those who like th black dog.
    Which made Jim suspicious , but john silver had still put on a good show. ( jim was sure he was innocent).
    They decided to report to mr Trelawey right away and so they began there journey to the water.
    John silver thaught Jim about all types of boats and there names and so he reamembered them like a old sailor.
    They meet up with the dr. and all of them decided to meet up at the ship at 4 to began there adventure.
    Thanks for reading

  9. chapter 9
    This is what happened in chapter 9. Jim, the squire and the doctor made there way down to the dock where there ship the Hispaniola lay waiting. They met up with Mr.Arrow ( a crew member) and then later with the captin ( Smollert). The captin who was fast to ask if he could have a word with the doctor and the squire.The captin talked to them about how she didn’t like the crew and that most of the crew already knew about their goal in getting treasure. She also told them that they shouldn’t talk about the treasure any ore and hide the map.
    Later Jim was shown his own hammock and the weapons of the ship but there sleeping berths ( sleeping places ) were soon changed.Long john silver tried to protest but he got sent away by the captin.The captin even sent Jim away to help the cook ( long john silver) and said that he had no favourites on the ship.
    Thanks for reading

  10. chapter 10
    This is what happened in chapter 10.The crew worked well into the night,but still Jim was thrilled by the seatalk and the quick banter by the men.
    The voyage on the ship was long but still provided to be a capable vessel that sped them along on there journey.But Mr. Arrow seemed to slow it down because he was often seasick with the doctor trying to help him all the time. Until one day he disappeared. This pleased the captin to have him gone. The captin had to find a new mate which happened to be one of john silvers friends.
    But besides these things that happened this chapter something else very important happened.
    Jim was trying to get an apple from a barrel on the deck. This apple was the last so he had to go in it to get to it. But once Jim was in there there was 2 men who walked over to talk near the barrel.One whom jim made out to be Long john silver. The men started talking about a voyage that he went on, the one he lost his leg on. He talked about how his captin was flint ( a famous pirate that some feared) and he was the quatermaster.Soon after that happened in the chapter they stared talking about the plan of atack they were going to do on the captin which john silver wanted to end in death.
    Afterward the lookout shouted land ho and sure enough there was a island and according to john silver its name was skeleton island which used to be a place for pirates.
    Jim went to see the squire, doctor and the captin to tell them all which had happened. They believed him and congratulated him for his good work and told him to keep listening out for things that might help.
    Thanks for reading

  11. chapter 11
    In this chapter they reach the shore of skeleton island and 13 men go a shore including jim hiding in one of the boats.As soon as it hit the sand Jim darted to the trees and kept running. But before all this happened the captin, squire and the doctor ( Jim was there too) made up a plan to defend the ship so Long John doesnt’t take over.
    Thanks for reading

  12. chapter 12
    Jim went on exploring by himself, he saw wild birds and plants of all colours and sizes. When ducks fell to the air he knew that john and his mates would be coming and with that he hid behind a tree. Indeed so they came and they were presuring a honest crew member to join there side , he did not wish to go so thy iiled him.
    Jim ran away from that scene as soon as he could and ran across a man who had been livibg on the island for 3 years.
    His name was Ben Gunn and he oferd to help them find the treasure if he to got a bit of it.
    Thanks for reading

  13. chapter 13 (the doctors point of view to chapter 12)
    The hunter came to tell them that Jim had gone and from them worring and his safety they sent him back to shore to find out more. They found a place directly at the dtockade that appeared on the map, which was near a spring and had a protected area.
    Then they herd a mans cry of death and thought it would be Jim.
    They went back to the ship were the captin told them that one of the crew members on johns side might come back to theres.He was right even though the crew was shocked but a man did come back over by the name of Abrahm Gray.
    The doctor and the hunter loaded the a boat with guns and powder weapons and headed to shore.
    When they came back to the ship the squire, captin and Abraham joined them. The ride back to shore was much slower because of the more people and weapons. But what they didn’t realise was that the shipstill had an on board cannon and that the crew was loading it.They shot and the men in the boat herd a terrible pellet go over there heads and the boat began to sink. In the end they saved 2 guns under water.
    Thanks for reading

  14. chapter 14 (The doctor continues)
    They ran to the stockade hearing the pirates drawing closer.Then there was swoping of weapsons and they killed a few pirates, but once they stared to feel like they had a chance Redruth fell to the ground.They asked there forgiveness and then emptied his pockets after he died. They hung the english and wondered when the next ship would come.The ships crew started to fire cannons again while the captin made a log of everyone they had.Then the doctor ran out just in time to see Jim safe climbing over the stockade wall.
    Thanks for reading

  15. chapter 15 (Jim resumes the story)
    The chapter is a Jims point of view to the last chapter,
    It opens the chapter with Ben Gunn seeing the flag flying, he sat Jim down and told him he would go find his friends.Jim thought that the pirates would already be there but Ben said wouldn’t they be flying the crossbone instead of the english.Then Ben told Jim a little about the stokade they had chosen.Jim wanted to go to the stockade and show ben to his friends but ben trusting no man would’nt go.After making a promise not to tell john that he was on the island. Then near them all of a sudden cannons came crashing through and Jim saw that the pirates had taken over the ship.
    Jim then made a move for the stocksade and stored imgormation in his crain where Ben kept his boat ( by a white rock) just incase he needed it for later.
    Jim got to the stockade and told his friends what had happened, then spoke to the doctor about Ben. The doctor gave him a white handkerchief and inside held some cheese ( because ben had told jim that he would give anything to try cheese again).
    Later in the chapter…
    Long John Silver came round to the stockade with 2 men and himself waving a white flag in the air.
    They had a meeting with the captin, doctor and the reat of the men.
    John oferd to bring them back to a safe spot of land if they leave the treasure and the map (chart)to them.
    he also oferd to leave them on the island.
    The captin wouldn’t hear a bar of it and wouldn’t give it over.
    Thanks for reading

  16. WOW! Olivia excellent reading and recounting! Have a look at the wiki under Language A heading on the 6s and 6t wiki to consider what else to comment on besides the plot.
    Mrs A. Great work

  17. Chapter 16
    After the talk with the pirates and john they all knew what was going to happen , they were going to attack. Which they did ion very quick moments ( after they had gotten ready). When they came the chances of jim and his friends winnig was very low 7 to 19 but after the attack and killing a few pirates it was looking better 4 to 9.
    They had won that attack but had lost some men
    Thanks for reading

  18. chapter 17
    The pirates didn’t come back all that day and Jim was sick and tired of sitting around waiting.So while the doctor was out vistting Ben Jim went to find his boat near the white rock. He found even though it was well hidden, it was a light thing which look like it was bilt along time ago. Then Jim had a idea that wouldn’t get out of his mind. This idea was to sail in the Bens boat to the ship which the pirates on, Then cut the anchor so they would float out to sea.
    Later that chapter, when it was dark Jim got it Bens boat and did his plan.
    It all went fine he sailed to the ship, he cut the rope which held the ship in place and then when the a breeze came the ship floated away.
    But Jim and his boat floated away too.
    He fell asleep and worried about the sea to come.
    Thanks for reading

  19. chapter 18
    Jim awoke of thirst along side the south of treasure island. The boat that he was on didn’t stop moving so it was hard to land the boat.
    Then all of a sudden he saw the pirates ship and thought they were coming after him then realised that some of the frightened had abondon ship. And the ones still onboard were frightened. Then Jim had this crazy idea which was to get the ship back to the captin. His plan was to sail his little boat up along side the ship and climb a board. Then tie up the other pirates once he had done that he would sail the boat.
    He felt sure that this would work and paddled to the ship.
    Once he got there The ship turned about to hit his boat, then with quik thinking he realised that they had left a cabin window open and just as the ship was about to crush his boat he made a jump for it.
    Thanks for reading

  20. chapter 19
    Jim made his way up to the deck where he found everthing a mess. Then he spotted a man dead in a pool of blood and another man next to him my the name of Isreal Hands.He was wounded in the leg and could hardly move. Jim went over to him to see if he was alive, he was. Jim and him made a deal if he bandge up his leg and help him to walk he would help him sail the ship if he called Jim captin. Jim trusted him only because he was wounded and counldn’t do much else.
    He oferd to sail the ship back to shore where they left but Jim wasn’t that stupid. ( because John and some of his men were there waiting).
    When hands wanted Jim to go fetch him his glasses he made a move for the dead mans knife while Jim was bellow deck and hid it in his pocket.
    Jim saw this and was already knew what hands wanted to do with it.
    When Jim was stearing the ship abit later he had forgotten all about the knife and was paying more attention to what he was doing. When hands was behind him Jim finally came to sense and ran. The ship came to shore and tillted which gave him some time to run for it up the mask.
    In the end of that chapter Jim was left pinned to the mask with hands in the waters death.
    Thanks for reading

  21. chapter 20
    Set the ship right then walked only the beach. He walked to the stockade hoping to be welcomed back by his friends only to find no one there. He walked in and then herd silvers parrot then soon silver himselfs voice.
    Jim turned to run but instead ran into another body and was captured.
    Thanks for reading

  22. chapter 21
    Jim was brought to John Silver and he thought that his friends would be dead. John told him that his friends had left him and he was shocked that they had also given John the map. John gave him a choice either to join the pirates or not to.
    Jim also told him that he knew were the ship was and he didn’t and a that john told him that he they were to work together to save each other they would find the treasure. Then again Jim was shocked and didn’t know what to say.
    Thanks for reading.

  23. chapter 22
    John came back with Jim now actting all nice and friendly again.
    To find the crews council had come back with a spot cut out of a bible ( which John said they now would be cursed).On the back of the piece of paper had the word Deposed which meant they didn’t want him as there captin any more. John asked why this was so and they told him. John explaned a few things and then told them that he had already found out were it was. Then he dropped the map and the ran for it like they were children.
    In the end of that chapter the vote john back as captin.
    Thanks for reading.

  24. chapter 23
    In this chapter John shows the doctor that he has saved jims life. The doctor keeps helping wounded crew and listens to Jim about what had happened. The doctor wanted to run away but Jim had made an oath not to go which he kept.
    The doctor gave one warning to John not to go to find the treasure but he wouldn’t listen.
    Thats all that happened in this chapter

  25. chapter 24
    John talked to Jim about how they should stick together and Jim agreed
    Then John told the crew that jim had told them where the boat was and they made there plans to find the treasure.
    The followed the map and then came to a man dead with only bones left to be seen.
    John said this was a pointer and that it was flint who had left it.
    Thanks for reading

  26. chapter 25
    John, Jim and the crew followed the map and the pointer. It had seemed to jim that Johns mind was more on the treasure than him and had tied his hands up.
    Then The herd a voice which the frew thaught was flints but turned out to be Ben gunn’s.
    They went on until they found the place were the treasure was meant to be but instead found nothing.
    The crew were not happy with this and turned against there captin so it was 2 to 5.
    Then all of a sudden 2 of the men fell dead and the doctor, Ben Gunn and Gray landed next to them.
    They ran quickly away into the woods and then to where the boats were. They found a cave which the doctor had explanned that ben had found the treasure before they got there and then hid it in the cave. In the cave they met the squire and there captin.
    That night the had a big dinner thinking how many people had died to get where they were right now and didn’t want to fo back to sea.
    Thanks for reading

  27. chapter 6 The End
    arh well the story ended in a good way as some most storys do and this is how this one did.
    They left treasure island on the ship with all the treasure feelling happy to be of that place at last.
    When they got back home they were greeted by many and each got their fair share of money and all spent it in different ways.
    John however left off without any body knowing with abit of treasure for himself not to be seen again
    Thanks for reading along with me through this story of treasure and battle

  28. The Other Work one the book
    The charaters shaping up:
    Long John Silver:
    Well it was hard to tell what John was going to do next because his mood changes easly.
    At one momment he’s nice then the next he’s not.
    I thought the captin shaped up nicely always sticking to the right side and kept going for what he belived in.
    The Doctor:
    I thought that this charater was very good always looking out for Jim and all that.
    I think that Jim grew more and more confident as the book went on. Telling the truth and the facts, taking risks and keeping oaths are some of the thing that make Jim a good example of a charater shaping up.

    The settings of the book:
    Well these are some of the settings of the book
    The Inn
    The Ship
    The Island
    . shore
    . forest
    . cave
    There really are many of them.

    The Type Of Language Used:
    One of the type of languages were
    Old fashion language a example of this would be
    .That I shall do
    Those are just some of the examples used in the book.
    Another type of language used was
    Some examples of this would be
    .shiver me timbers
    Those were just some of the many used in this pirate book.
    Thanks for reading

  29. Well done Olivia, I like that you have tried to comment on some of the aspects of the book such as the setting, language etc. Please bring the book to school as we will be examining what makes a classic book and analysing that question further. I hope you enjoyed the book. What a lot of work you put into your diary! Well done

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